Bonjour et bienvenue. Welcome to our French speaking Playgroup, Les Petites Etoiles for children aged 0-5 in Canberra.

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2017 Terms

In 2017 playgroup Terms are as follow: Term 1 30 Jan 2017 (Mon) 7 Apr 2017 (Fri) Autumn Holidays (Term Break) 8 Apr 2017 (Sat) 25 Apr 2017 (Tue) Term 2 26 Apr 2017 (Wed) 30 Jun 2017 (Fri) Winter Holidays (Semester Break) 1 Jul 2017 (Sat) 16 Jul 2017 (Sun) Term 3 17 Jul […]

Welcome to Term 4 2016

We are back in session each Monday during term 4 of 2016! As the weather is stilling changing recommend a wind proof jacket, hat and a change of clothes for the kids to have fun in the sand, water or paint. We will be at the French preschool fete Saturday 29th Oct and Telopea school […]

Term #1, 2016

Starting Monday 1st of February 2016 ! We are back on Mondays, during the school term. Don’t forget to bring a piece of fruit to share and that we are a nut-free playgroup. Dont forget your term fees and yearly insurance ! Look forward to seeing you on Monday mornings.

2016 Terms

In 2016 playgroup Terms are as follow: term 1 Mon 1 Feb to Mon 4 Apr term 2 Mon 2 May to Mon 27 Jun term 3 Mon 18 Jul to Mon 19 Sept term 4 Mon 10 Oct to Mon 12 Dec thanks for joining !