BIENVENUE au Groupe de Jeu les Petites Etoiles !

The aim of our playgroup is to promote and instil a love of French language and culture in young children.

There are no formal requirements to join, although having some French is best. We speak, sing and interact with the children and between adults in French as much as possible

Where and when do we meet ?
We meet every Mondays from 10am to 12pm during school terms at the Ainslie Scout Hall.  For details on location see the Find us page and for Terms details see the Calendar.

What level of french do we need ?
Our current members have a range of levels of French, from real beginners to native speakers.

Who can join ?
Anyone! We welcome all carers and their children. The ages of children normally range from babies to three years old.

What do i need to do ?
No bookings needed, just walk in, try and and join us if you like it. Just bring a piece of fruit to share for morning tea.
To avoid any incident, we are a nut free playgroup.

What happens at LPE ?
Our sessions are relaxed and always start with a welcoming song, we then move on to art and craft activities for the older one, while the babies play with lots of different toys on a big carpet.

We have a fresh fruity morning tea, some outside games (weather permitting) then we regroup in the Hall, tidy up and it is back on the carpet to read a story and sing some more songs.

All those activities are conducted in French with the help of the parents. We encourage any ideas and input and welcome anyone who would like to lead an activity.

How much does it cost ?
The first session is free and if you like what we do, it’s $40 per term (or $4 per session) or $6 per session for casual visits. The money covers Hall rent, crafts, some basic early education equipment and sundries, tea/coffee/milk etc.
You also need to join Playgroups ACT (it’s free) and tell them that you attend Les Petites Etoiles as well as any other groups if that may be the case.

For the Terms dates see here

In any case visit us on facebook Les Petites Etoiles

A bientôt!